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   Since February 15, 2001
Contributor (alphabetical listing)   Contribution [installation labor %'s]
Automated Logic   M-4106 controller w/ 2 expansion modules, LGE
    BACnet router, & WebCTRL Pro 2.0 software
BAPI   Thermistors, temperature (12-10K2)
Bowers Program for Interdisciplinary Design   Portion of the installation exp. [~15%]
Compress Shield   A Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive
Data Industrial   2 Liquid flow meters, 250B/310 sen/trans
Ebtron Inc.   Gold Series: 2 AMDs, 1 Bleed 
Farfield Construction   Sheetmetal supply and install [~5%]
FEI  Construction management
Fenner Drives   Power Twist V-Belts
Kele   2 3-way Control valves
Ling Partnership   Electrical Design
McClure Co. Mechanical Contractors   Working drawings, mechanical installation
    supervision, and installation [~35%]
PSU Office of Physical Plant   10 ton split system air cooled chiller
SEMCO   FV-2000 Fresh air ventilator
Taco Pump   In line pumps (3)
ThermalCore, Inc.   High Induction Diffusers (8)
Twa radiant panels &
Sterling Commercial Hydronics
  Radiant Panels, 2' by 40'  (8) plus
     Panel Installation [~5%]
USA Coil   Cooling Coil section for DOAS
Vaisala   Carbon Dioxide Transmitters (2-GMD 20)
   Humidity Transmitter (1-HMD40U)
West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund    Portion of the installation exp. [~40%]

Please visit the Papers section of this site for more information on
      Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems and Radiant Ceiling Panels.

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Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems & Radiant Ceiling Panels
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